About Tricia

Here are some things that people who have worked with Tricia have had to say about her:

From a mother of a child with articulation and expressive language disorders as well as stuttering -

“Dear Tricia, Like these balloons, A. is reaching heights that seemed unreachable not so long ago.  Thank you so much for your patience, your encouragement, your teaching, and most of all, your gift of speech.  I’ll never forget you.   My heart sings with joy and my cup runneth over.  I love a woman named Tricia.  She taught my child to speak.”

 - M.C.

From an adult who stutters -

“Tricia, I hope you realize that it was your ability to diagnose and treat the person who sat in front of you 10 years ago, not just my stuttering, that was the genesis which allowed the breakthrough in the way that I connected with my fear of stuttering.  Thank you for your subtle but effective persistence.  You have had a huge impact on my life.”

 - C.B.

From a mother of a preschool aged child who stuttered -

“Tricia is a wonderful speech and language therapist.  My preschool aged son had a severe stuttering disorder.  We went to see Tricia for fluency therapy using the Lidcombe method.  My son is now fluent and his teachers cannot believe there was ever an issue with his speech.  He enjoyed going to each session and he missed going once he was dismissed!   We had a great experience with Tricia!”

 - S.E.

From an adult who stutters -

“Hi Trish, We have been visiting J’s parents for most of the month and I am just now getting caught up on e-mails and snail mail.  I am very excited for you and your new adventure.  28 years is a long time to be at one place and I can not imagine how many lives you have changed over those years.  Besides my parents and wife, you have probably influenced me more than anyone else.  In many ways, you have been more life changing than any of them.  There is no way I would be who I am today without your help.  You completely altered my outlook on life, stuttering, goal setting, careers, personal perception, and fear.  Not only have I taken the lessons you taught and used them with my speech, but I have also applied them towards life in general.  Because of the strides I made under your guidance I feel that I am a better person, husband, and will be a much better dad, than I would have otherwise been.  And for all of that I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Even though we no longer have weekly sessions, and the group meetings are too difficult for me to get to, the little “Trish Angel” still sits high upon her throne, and to this day, does not allow me to avoid!  It’s crazy.  I’ve thought about it, but POOF there you are, and I can’t let the angel down.  Who would have thought that 10 seconds of voluntary stuttering (which wasn’t supposed to work!) would have changed a life forever?”

 - B.W.

From a parent of a 14 year old who stutters -

"My teenage son has what they call blocking sometimes he could speak perfectly and other times he couldn't get a sound to come out. I read and read and tried so hard to help him with this but the bad part of it was he did it the worst with me. So I was of no help to him except to just keep encouraging him. I had decided that I had to reach out and try to find my sweet child some help and I would not give up until I did.

I started my search by calling the Stuttering Foundation in Memphis TN. I talked with a lady there for 2 hours at the end of our conversation she ask me if I could tell that she had blocking and I was shocked and said no. She sent me all kinds of information on stuttering. I read everything I could get my hands on. So I decide to send him to speech therapy at school. Let me say our experience with that was not good and was of no help. So I get my list out the lady had sent me from the stuttering foundation and I started calling. I am sure I called at least 10 different speech therapist. They all told me the same thing we will see him but this is pretty much something he will never get over he will just have to live with it. Well being the mother I am I refused to except that so I look over the list again and the next name up was Tricia-Krauss Lehrman. This was one of the best phone calls I have ever made in my life. There was this very sweet kind and soft spoken lady on the other end of the phone. We begin to visit and I tell her my story. Tricia was so understanding never rushed me and most of all she gave me hope. Never one time did a negative word come out of her mouth. I was so happy!! If this tells you anything about Tricia I had to wait somewhere around 4-6 months before we could get in to see her. Tricia kept in touch with me the whole time she never forgot us and as soon as she got an opening she gave me a call and we got set up with her.
I was so very happy but I still had a concern. I remembered reading that it was very important for your child to click with their therapist so there was nothing left for me to do but just pray that it was God's will that they did. Well I am happy to say that God answered that prayer. My son loves her (and so do I). He started his therapy about a year ago and he knew after the first visit that Tricia was the one. I will never forget after his first visit we got in the car and he looked at me with tears in his eyes and he said Mom she gives me hope. Tears flowing and a sigh of relief for me. Tricia has always encouraged him and has used several different techniques with him and it had worked great. Tricia doesn't look at my child as just another patient. She truly takes her job and her patients to heart.

My son was going to Tricia for therapy once a week and was making unbelievable progress. We decided over the summer we wouldn't go because we were gonna be traveling and he was doing so well. Did she just forget us NO. Tricia gave my son some things she wanted him to accomplish over the summer and she emailed he and I every couple of weeks to see how things were going. I am happy to say he is doing great hasn't blocked in somewhere around 4 or 5 months just because of her care and concern and the techniques she used with him. It is truly amazing what she has done for him and I will be forever grateful to her. I highly recommend her she has truly done an amazing job with her 28+ years of experience. You couldn't put your child in a better environment than with her. She is very knowledgeable about her profession and as far as I am concerned the best there is. My son is the social butterfly now because of Tricia. We are still going once a month to see her and will continue as long as my son feels like he needs to. Tricia was truly a life saver for my son and I both."

 - T.B.

From an leader of the stuttering self help movement -

"It takes a special kind of person to dedicate their lives to helping those affected with communication disorders. It is especially true of those who work with the disorder of stuttering. Tricia Krauss-Lehrman is without a doubt one of those special people. Having known and worked with Tricia for almost 30 years I have had the pleasure of watching her develop from a young aspiring clinician to one of the most talented and respected speech-language pathologists I know; and as a person who not only stutters but has been an advocate for those affected by stuttering, I have known hundreds. Tricia is one of those unique professionals who possess the ability and skill to relate to children as well as to adults. As a stuttering specialist she has mentored many young professionals and her advice is frequently sought by even the most seasoned speech-language pathologists. Those affected by stuttering and their families are fortunate to have her as a valuable resource in our community."

 - Lee Reeves, DVM
National Stuttering Association
Former Chairman of the Board of Directors
Co-Founder of the Dallas Chapter